Here’s how to speed up the New York home insurance claims process

Hopefully you never have to initiate or process a New York home insurance claim.

If you do, it means that something negative happened to your home, to your property, or to something in your home – and that is never good news. But if you do have to initiate and process a New York home insurance claim, it’s important to know how to speed up the process (without compromising the coverage or the results you get) so that you can quickly move on with your life.

Here are just a few things to think about and consider going forward.

Contact your insurance company and ask them EXACTLY what they need from you

The first thing you’ll want to do is contact your New York Homeowners Insurance company directly and ask them for an outline of EVERYTHING that they are going to need from you to get the ball rolling.

Too often people are scrambling around to get their insurance company the documents and resources that they need to flesh out their claim for them, and it really bogs down the entire process. By getting them to tell you EXACTLY what they are going to need ahead of time, you’ll be able to streamline the overall process significantly and release speed things up quite a bit.

Keep in regular contact with your New York home insurance agent or representative

It’s also important that you keep in frequent and regular contact with your insurance agent or representative.

Because your New York home insurance agent/representative is going to be responsible for 100 or more clients (sometimes a lot more than that), the odds are pretty good that things are going to fall through the cracks – through absolutely no fault of their own and with no malicious intent intended.

Unfortunately, those kinds of situations are going to slow down your New York home insurance claims process significantly. You’ll be able to speed things up by “keeping tabs” on your insurance agent, and making sure that everything is moving forward on the timeline that they represented to you in the first place.

Respond quickly to all requests via certified or overnight mail

Any time you have to communicate to anyone throughout this process you should be looking to do so via certified or overnight mail.

Not only does this guarantee that there is some kind of paper trails that you’ll be able to use if you need to pursue recourse with your New York home insurance company, but it will also get your documents, your responses, and everything else to them as fast as possible.